You Can't Prove They Don't Exist


#47 A Cold Fusion Song

(The meter's a bit of a stretch in spots. You'll just have to wing it.)
Misters Pons and Fleishman did an experiment, To make a fusion reaction on a laboratory bench. Electrolyzing heavy water on an electrode, They measured excess calories by the wagon-load.  They jumped around, laughing with glee. Thought they had produced abundant energy. They wrote up a paper and sent it all about. The scientific community all began to shout...  Any old ion, any old ion, any any any old ion. Excess heat, that's really sweet. All your tubes and wires are done up nice and neat.  Talkin' to the press in your Sunday best, With your best lab coat and tie on. But I wouldn't give you tuppence for your neutron count. Old ion, old ion!

Cold Fusion
Any Old Iron - Stanley Holloway
1927 Solvay Conference


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