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#69 Continuity
OK, so at the end of episode III, Obi-Wan Kenobi is, what, 30? Luke is born then and turns up as, say, 18 in Episode IV, right?  So that should make Obi-Wan 48 when he meets Luke. But he looks to be mid-60s. Huh, yeah. It does't really work, does it?  GL originally wrote Obi-Wan to be 70 or 80 for ANH because he was supposed to be the mentor who died of old age but then killed him off and created Yoda for that storyline instead. When he started on TPM, he ret-conned Obi-Wan so that he was younger all along. Who the hell are you? I am a Jedi Knight. We defend the universe from injustice, evil and apparent continuity errors in the Star Wars storyline. How's that pay? Not great. I have to moonlight at Denny's.

Disclaimer: The explanation in panel 3 was lifted almost verbatim from this discussion.

Also, a list of Klingon forehead explanations.


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