You Can't Prove They Don't Exist


#75 But Wait, There's More!
Tired of being duped by the latest pseudoscience fad? You've wasted time and money on homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture... The list goes on and on. But what can you do?  We've got just the thing to cure your gullibility. New SkeptiCrystal! SkeptiCrystal soaks up fuzzy thinking and locks it away inside its crystal matrix. Just look at that skeptical action!  SkeptiCrystal is made from two dangerous elements: element 11 and element 17 but, when combined, form this special crystalline matrix that is perfectly safe. You can even eat it!  SkeptiCrystal is guaranteed to make you less gullible, or your money back! Call now! Operators are standing by to take your order!

DISCLAIMER: The customer's realization that SkeptiCrystal is ineffective constitutes a net decrease in gullibility and therefore supports SkeptiCrystal's claim of efficacy.


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