You Can't Prove They Don't Exist


#78 Quetzupbotl's Revenge
An ancient Mayan legend tells of the origin of their calendar. The mighty god Quetzupbotl dictated its design to his subjects. 'The calendar will run for 5125 years and no more.' 'What will happen when the calendar ends?' asked the people. 'In those days, a mighty civilization will rule the world. They will fly in giant metal birds and eat cheese out of magic vessels.' 'But many of their kind will be lazy of mind and gullible of spirit. They will believe that our calendar will mark the end of time.' 'They will listen to stories and watch magic visions about the end of our calendar. They will pay hard-earned money for these stories.' 'The end of the calendar will come and go but the world will not end. The foolish people will shout and shake their fists but will not get their money back.' 'Why? Why would you do this to these people?' asked Quetzupbotl's subjects. 'Hey, it's a bit of a laugh, OK?' was the reply. It does not say that. Some of the glyphs are open to interpretation.


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