You Can't Prove They Don't Exist


#73 Bogus
I'm being sued by the American Chicken-Waving Association. They're claiming that I slandered them when I said that their practice of waving dead chickens over patients to treat disease is quackery.  The entire basis of their complaint is that by saying 'quackery' I implied that they're being intentionally deceptive, rather than merely delusional.  Well, they have a point. Waving a chicken isn't quackery. What?!  Waving a duck is quackery. Waving a chicken is just fowl. I hate you.

Disclaimer: Tree Lobsters makes no claims regarding the efficacy of chicken-waving as a medical procedure. We're sure it's just as valid as, say, shaking up a vial of water or twisting someone's back.

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