You Can't Prove They Don't Exist


#74 Equal Time
All we're asking for is that 'Intelligent Lightning' be taught alongside the 'Atmospheric Discharge Theory' in schools.  Now, we're not saying it's Thor per se. It could be any intelligence with a red beard and mighty hammer.  OK, look. Thunder and lightning are caused by well-understood natural processes. The supporting evidence is overwhelming. There are no credible scientists who disagree on this. We have a list of 400 PhDs who disagree with you on that point.  I've seen that list. Not one of them has a PhD in any relevant field. Half of them are graduates from the University of Valhallism, which you yourself fund.   'Relevant field'! This is how they deceive the public: Censoring opposing theories and teaching only their brand of truth! You don't have a theory! All you've got is an old fairytale that you've dusted off and rebranded! See? See how they're censoring me?  Look, Lox News, you don't have to give equal time to every crackpot who disagrees with reality, you know. Not all viewpoints have equal merit. Pretending they do just to get better ratings makes you look bad and does a disservice to the public. Censorship! Oh, shut up! See?

Disclaimer: This comic is a parody and is in no way intended to be an accurate portrayal of the Fox "News" Channel, its "objectivity" or its "fact-checking".


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