You Can't Prove They Don't Exist


#79 Viewer Mail
Today we're going to answer some questions sent in by our viewers. Walter O'Reilly of Ottumwa, Iowa asks, 'How many tree lobsters are there?' At least three, Walter. We've never stopped to count, since we're all pretty much interchangeable. Cathy Timberlake of Upper Sandusky, Ohio asks, 'Are you male or female?' Yes, technically we must be one or the other but, for the purposes of the comic, it doesn't really matter. Just imagine whatever you're comfortable with. Kyle Reese of Los Angeles, California asks, 'Yeah but in episode 1, didn't you say you dated someone named Candice?' Sure, but that doesn't indicate gender; just preference. Also, Kyle, by mailing in a followup question to one we hadn't answered yet, you've exposed yourself as a time traveler. Those helicopters you hear in the distance are probably looking for you.


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