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One MILLION Pageviews!

The Tree Lobsters webcounter... Yes, there's a webcounter. It's waaaaaay down at the bottom of the page. See? There it is! Right down there, past the cheap crap nobody buys, the Q&A nobody reads and the "targeted" Google ads that invariably try to sell you seafood.

Anyway, the counter just ticked over to 1,000,000! That's a million pageviews since the comic started. OK, well, there were a few webcounter outages here and there, and I lost some counts when I switched webcounter providers (because of the aforementioned outages), so the actual million mark was probably yesterday sometime but, still: 1,000,000! Woohoo!

thatnerdwoman just happened to load the 1,000,000th page and did a screen capture of it:


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