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Bunny and Demon Go on a Picnic

Celia (@mocknot) drew a picture of a bunny and demon. I thought it would make a nice illustration for a children's book, so I wrote a story to go with it.

(image reposted with permission)

Bunny and Demon are friends. 
One fine Saturday, they decided to have a picnic.

Demon packed the tortured souls of the damned. 
Bunny packed carrots.

They took the bus to the park. 

Lots of people got off the bus at their stop, so there were plenty of empty seats.

When they got to the park, they looked for a spot to set up.

Bunny wanted a sunny spot. 
"Oh no!" said Demon, "The sun will burn my skin!"

Demon wanted a cave. 
"It's much too dark," said Bunny, "And there are bears."

They settled on a shady spot under a tree.

Some people nearby were also having a picnic. They ran away.

"Why are they afraid of me?" asked Demon.
"They think you will eat them," replied Bunny.
"How silly," said Demon, "I brought my own lunch."

After lunch, Bunny and Demon played in the park.

They played hide and seek. 
Bunny was very good at that.

They climbed trees. 
Demon was very good at that.

Demon fell and hurt her knee. 
Bunny mended it with a bandage and some ointment.

On the bus ride home, Demon said, "You are a good friend, Bunny."
"You are a good friend too, Demon," said Bunny.


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