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Bunny and Demon Ride a Bicycle

Celia (@mocknot) drew another picture of Bunny and Demon, so I wrote another story to go with it.

(image reposted with permission)

One day, Bunny and Demon were wondering what they could do for fun.
"I know!" said Bunny. "We could ride a bicycle!"

But neither of them had a bicycle.
They took the bus to the bicycle shop to buy one.

"There is no one here," said Demon.
The shopkeeper was hiding.
Bunny saw him but she was too polite to mention it.

They found a shiny, red bicycle with a carrier basket.
"This will do nicely," said Bunny.

The shopkeeper was still hiding, so they left money on the counter.
"I hope this is enough," said Demon.
"I'm sure it is fine," said Bunny.

Bunny tried to ride the bicycle...
...but her legs were too short.

Demon tried to ride the bicycle…
...but her talons got tangled in the wheels.

"I have an idea..." said Bunny.
They took the handlebars and basket off the bicycle.

Bunny climbed into the basket.
Demon held onto the handlebars with her claws…
...and up they flew.

They flew over the treetops.

They flew over the lake.

They flew over the crowds of screaming people.

"This is the best bicycle ride ever!" cried Bunny.

And it was.


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