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Tree Lobsters Theater

A while ago, there was a hashtag going around:#FirstLineToMyNovel. I posted 18 of them.  

The posts on Tree Lobsters Theater are those lines, (hopefully) expanded out to stories. The idea is to take each opening line and just keep writing until it reaches a conclusion. The self-imposed rules are: 
  1. Use the line as-is. I had to cram them into 140 characters, so they're not ideal but changing them seems like cheating. 
  2. Write each story in real-time start-to-finish. No starting with a conclusion and working backwards. No writing/editing offline and pasting it in. 
  3. No major edits. I can go back and correct spelling, grammar and awkward wording but no retconning the story to fit. 
So, essentially, the site is me, writing 17 stories in real-time, maybe succeeding, possibly failing. Think of it as an attempt at "constrained art" (using the term "art" loosely, here).

The one titled "Death Takes a Lunch Break" is a preexisting story that was similar enough to one of the lines that I just pasted it in (breaking rules 1&2). The rest are marked (in progress) while I'm working on them and (done) when they're written to a reasonable conclusion. 

Currently complete-ish stories:

WARNING: Tree Lobsters Theater contains (almost) no lobsters. Also, this stuff is pretty much first draft, bordering on stream-of-consciousness. So, don't expect Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, OK? 

Also, if anybody wants to take any of these stories and adapt them into sequential art or a YouTube video (looking at you, Geek & Sundry), contact me at my feedback address.


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